Dr. Rima Jibaly
Dr. Rima Jibaly, MD, PC is a board-certified pediatric gastroenterologist serving the city of Flint and the surrounding cities.

Dr. Rima has been practicing at the Hurley Medical center for over four years and also has been practicing at her own clinic for two years.

See some of Dr. Rima's publications or career details and history.


Visit Information

We see patients in our clinic Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 9am to 5pm.

Our staff is available to answer questions on daily basis including Wednesday and Friday.

Endoscopic procedures can be scheduled in two different locations depending on your insurance and preference.  

For information about some of the procedures we perform please see Medical Public Resources

We perform and have ongoing clinical and academic research. If interested, contact us and we will attempt to provide more information.



Bring all your medications with you and confirm with us that we did receive your previous workup to avoid any delay or unnecessary repetition of a previous workup that was done.

Make sure you have filled in the appropriate forms accurately. It may seem difficult, but this is done just once and could be updated anytime. Please provide us with your phone number and alternate phone number as well as your email address and pharmacy information since having those in our records helps us serve you better.