Dr. Rima Jibaly
Dr. Rima Jibaly, MD, PC is a board-certified pediatric gastroenterologist serving the Genesee county area, including the cities of Flint, Grand Blanc, Fenton, Lapeer, Davison, and the Oakland county, including Clarkston, Troy, Birmingham, Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Farmington Hills. She has been practicing in the field for close to 18 years.

She did her training in general pediatrics in University of Tennessee and her fellowship in State University of New York. She is currently enrolled in integrative medicine fellowship in the University of Arizona.


We treat patients with respect. We give equal attention to the mind and body. We avoid unnecessary prescription of medications and we spend time on resolving issues holistically when possible. We respect your time so we try our best to stick to appointments time even if that requires planning another appointment for the unexpectedly long ones. We our proud to say that we book patients appointments within a week of asking for one. If required procedures are done within one to two weeks.

For information about some of the diseases we treat and procedures we perform please see Medical Public Resources


See some of Dr. Rima’s publications or career details and history.

Office hours

Our office hours are Monday through Friday.

Our staff is available to answer questions on daily basis including Wednesday and Friday.


  • Fill all forms linked on this site
  • Provide us with an email so we can communicate with you on a HIPPA compliant platform.
  • Take picture of all your medications and bring it to office visit
  • Have your doctor fax all related studies and labs to our office